Frequently Asked Questions

We want to ensure your experience at Rejuvenation Clinic of Sauk Prairie is as pleasant and relaxing as possible. With that in mind, we’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions our guests have before they come to our skincare clinic. We invite you to read through our FAQs to prepare for your upcoming visit. Not finding what you are looking for or need additional information? Feel free to contact us.

What Are Your Hours?

Our clinic is open Tuesday through Friday. You can find our regular hours here. Summertime provides us with a little more room in the clinic schedule and family time/vacations for our staff. Because of this, our hours may vary somewhat and we suggest to call first if you are coming to Sauk-Prairie for an unscheduled visit to purchase skincare and makeup products, obtain some information or make a future appointment.

What Areas Do You Serve?

Rejuvenation Clinic of Sauk Prairie is proud to be one of the most experienced nonsurgical skincare clinics located in Wisconsin. We are conveniently located near Madison, WI and our clients come to us from all over Wisconsin, as well as Chicago, Rockford, Milwaukee, LaCrosse and Wausau.

How Long Have You Been in Business?

We’re proud to be in business since 2011 and started out in a small suite of a multi-business building. Within 6 months of opening, we were surprised at how busy we became and started our first expansion going from 600 to 1000 square feet. This allowed us to to add a few more team members as well as more technology and treatments. Our dream came true in October 2016 when we opened our new location just down the street from our first clinic. We were blessed to be able to “create” our ideal space and clinic flow as the location we secured had never been built out. Our 3000 square feet skincare clinic provides a welcoming reception and retail area with a more private clinical space that includes 5 treatment rooms, a photo room and consultation room.

Do Your Clinicians Have a Lot of Training, Credentials and Experience?

Our knowledgeable and caring owner, Michelle A. Niesen, serves as our Primary Clinician and Master Injector. In layman’s terms, she’s a skincare “whisperer”. She’s a board-certified Physician’s Assistant in General Medicine and holds a special certification in Surgery. When she looks at a patient’s face, she knows just what to do to give them a more youthful appearance.

Our “go-to girl” Angie S. Mack is not only a Registered Nurse, but as our Clinic Manager, she has an answer for almost everything. Angie performs many of our treatments, providing excellent results with Ultherapy®, Laser and CoolSculpting® to name just a few. Angie continues to perfect her clinical skills by participating in skin and aesthetic conferences and educational sessions all over the world to ensure that you get the best care possible.

Is My Initial Consultation Free?

Yes, your first consultation is free/complimentary. If you would like to take advantage of your free consult, we invite you to contact us today.

Your complimentary consultation is an opportunity for us to get to know you and your individual needs. We understand that each of our patients is unique, which is why it’s important to offer customized treatment plans. We’ll always take the time to discuss your individual goals and budget in order to personalize our approach to your care.

Do You Offer Laser Resurfacing? Facials? Peels? Basically, What Services Do You Provide?

We offer a huge variety of nonsurgical facial and body skin treatments. All of our medical aesthetic treatments are listed on our website, including a detailed description of each.

Although all of our nonsurgical procedures produce impressive results, allowing skin to look bright, healthy and rejuvenated, we recommend taking advantage of our complimentary consult first. Our team will work with you to pinpoint the best treatment options for you. Plus, you’ll learn a lot in the process.

At our skincare clinic, we utilize a variety of cutting-edge technologies and devices. In fact, we proudly specialize in many non-surgical treatment options, such as injectables, laser and other advanced techniques like CoolSculpting®Ultherapy® and HydraFacial MD®. Each of these solutions produces beautiful yet natural-looking results.

As skincare treatments continue to change and advance, we continually upgrade our devices when these new developments arise. The best treatment is often a combination of therapies used to achieve your unique goals.

We’ll listen to your concerns, answer your questions and only then give our treatment recommendations. In fact, each of our patients receives their own customary quote, which we refer to as their “wish list.” With such information at your disposal, you can book your appointment from your personalized list.

Should I just go to a spa for my facial or other treatment?

It depends on your overall goals! We enjoy a spa day as much as the next person and find it to be a highly relaxing experience.

However, if you are looking for more visible and longer lasting results, you’ll want to go to a skincare clinic that specializes in the medical grade version of those treatments. For example, we offer HydraFacial MD® which takes results beyond a typical facial service.

Not sure what the equivalent of your favorite spa treatment would be, or have a specific skincare issue you’d like to address? Feel free to contact us. We know it can be confusing, and are always happy to talk through what might be best for you – even if that means a treatment that we may not offer.

In some cases, you’ll need less treatments so even if a service seems more expensive at first – you actually may not need to go as often which ends up being a great value.

What’s the Difference Between SkinTyte and Ultherapy®?

The main difference between SkinTyte and Ultherapy® is that SkinTyte (ST) is done with our Sciton laser — the best laser on the market — treating close to the deepest layer of skin. The skin is heated to stimulate collagen for tightening. SkinTyte treatments can take up to six months to see the full results.

Ultherapy®, on the other hand, is done by ultrasound, treating the deepest layer of skin to stimulate collagen tightening. A few patients see some results almost immediately. However, full results usually take 3-6 months to present themselves. Although this therapy tends to be a more intense treatment, causing slight discomfort, it’s very bearable.

The cost of Ultherapy® is a bit higher. However, Ultherapy® is a “one and done” type treatment lasting two to five years, whereas with ST, you usually need a series of treatments to see the same results. To see a full description of our offerings, read about the different treatment options on our website.

How Much Are Your Treatments and Products?

We are happy to provide a complimentary consultation where you’ll receive all the pricing information you need. We always work with you to find the most effective treatment plan while being mindful of your budget, and offer various payment as well as financing options.

For some treatments, we’ll match reasonable quotes provided by other skincare clinics. When it comes to facial and body skin treatments, experience and quality matters. We are proud to offer highly trained specialists with a dedication to ongoing training and education, as well as the experience to perform these procedures.

Fun fact – we have performed over 1500 CoolSculpting® treatments, making us one of the few clinics with this level of experience!

At Rejuvenation Clinic of Sauk Prairie, we always take your safety and overall results seriously.

Do You Have Any Specials and If So, What Are They?

We often run events and specials – you can find the most current ones here. Don’t forget though, we’ll match any other competitors reasonable price or special.

How Far Are You Booking Out? When Can I Get in for an Appointment?

Timing for your appointments depends on what type of treatment you wish to have. For example, our laser treatments fill up quickly during fall and winter as people get ready for the holidays or summer season. We advise you to book well in advance, as our laser appointments usually get booked about four weeks out or more.

Most other treatments can usually be booked about two to three weeks ahead of time, depending on your availability. If you ever wish to be seen sooner, be sure to ask about our cancellation list so that we can contact you if another patient cancels their appointment.

The easiest way to book an appointment or free consultation is to fill out our contact form.

Can I Do My Consultation and Treatment on the Same Day?

The only treatment we are able to offer the same day as your consult is Botox® or Dysport®. Typically, all other procedures are booked for another day following the initial consultation since treatment times vary depending on what we determine during your consult as the best plan for your needs.

If you’re coming from further away and wish to have a treatment following your consult, please let us know. We’ll see what can be arranged!

How Soon After My Consultation Can I Get in for an Appointment?

The answer really depends on which treatment you wish to have. However, we try to book our patients’ appointments within a couple of weeks. If you would like to be seen sooner, be sure to add your name to our cancellation list. If we have a cancellation, we may be able to work you in at an earlier date.

Do You Send Appointment Reminders?

Yes, absolutely. Appointment reminders will be sent to the email address you provide us with. You’ll receive one right away when your appointment is made, and then another reminder 3 days before the appointment.

If you don’t have an email, please let us know, and we can call to confirm your appointment one day prior to your scheduled treatment.

Do I Pay for Treatment the Same Day as My Appointment? Or Is There a Deposit?

Payment for treatments are “pay as you go” on the day of treatment.

We only require deposits to schedule appointments longer than one hour which is common with CoolSculpting® or other combination treatments. Your deposit goes toward your treatment balance.

We accept a number of different payment methods, including:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit Card
  • Care Credit
  • Chamber bucks for our local patients
  • Gift Cards

What If I Need to Reschedule?

If you need to reschedule, please let us know – we are happy to work with you to find another time. Cancellations less than 24 hours prior to the appointment are charged a $50 fee.

Do You Offer Some Kind of Payment Plan

We do! Care Credit is a medical credit card that can be used at our skincare clinic as well as most dental offices, veterinary clinics and more.

Our terms with Care Credit include 12-month interest-free financing which allows you to set up your payments on a monthly basis.

We would be happy to discuss financing for your treatments with you at any point or answer any questions you have!