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March 21, 2014

It seems that every month there is a new laser or skin center popping up. On the west side of Madison I know of at least 9 “Medi-spas” within a 10 mile radius of each other. It’s clear that these types of businesses are popular, but why? Some reasons may be that the treatments are non-surgical, have little to no down-time, are within the range of our budget and make us feel better about ourselves. So, with so many choices, how do you select the best place to go? Let’s explore.

  • Location:

    This could be an initial reason that people choose a particular business. We are all very busy and the convenience can be quite a draw. But does this keep you coming back? I remember a time when I stopped at a conveniently located hair salon and received a terrible Hair Cut Picturehaircut. The closeness of the business did not make that haircut any better when I sported it around campus for the next seven weeks! In fact, once I was married, my mother-in-law thought I was crazy because for several years I kept driving back to Milwaukee where I had found a phenomenal hair stylist. No one could do my hair like her and I probably would have driven 2 hours further for her expertise. I mean, this is my hair, right?! I have the same philosophy when it comes to my dental care. I hadn’t kept up with dental visits throughout my undergraduate years. As a college student, paying for food was more important to me than teeth cleanings and x-rays. After a referral from my aunt, I decided to try Dr. JoAnn Martens and her team in Waunakee, WI. I was impressed with the great customer service and care from the moment I booked the appointment to the time when Dr. Martens was checking my teeth. I didn’t even have a cavity after all those years! But more importantly, I felt respected, listened to and cared for. I have continued to drive back to Waunakee every 6 months for the past 20 years. Word of mouth referrals are more powerful in these situations, location is not.

  • Price:

    Let’s face it, we have mortgages, car payments, student loans and in the end need to put food on the table. Although all of our budget situations are unique, I’m sure most of us are watching our pennies and looking for “deals”. Bargains and coupons are great when you find a favorite pair of boots or a great incentive to go shopping when you get your Kohls mailer and you peel away your 30% off sticker. (I dont even think about shopping at Kohls if I only get 15% or 20% off!) Clothes and shoes are good examples of items that deserve our utmost attention for the lowest price–after all, a pair of Uggs is the same whether you buy them from Marshall’s or Macy’s. Our face and skin care is entirely different. Would you choose to go the ‘cheapest’ heart surgeon or orthopedists’ office or would you look for someone who is considered the best in their field? I would not recommend going to a place advertising the cheapest Botox. Cheap Botox may mean unregulated, non FDA approved Botox which could mean no results, or even worse, bad outcomes such as a nerve problems or infection.

  • Experience:

    Experience is very important when it comes to the skill and expertise needed to perform cosmetic dermatology treatments. I remember another hair experience in college when I walked in to a large, fancy, upscale salon where I was given an intimidating menu of services and choices. One choice was the level of stylist I could have ranging from Apprentice (cheap) to Master Stylist (expensive). I’m pretty sure I donated plasma an extra time that month and chose the Master! It is important to know that your skin care provider holds an active medical license, is trained in anatomy, physiology and pharmacology, and is board certified within the scope of the services that are being offered. Laser technicians and aestheticians are fully qualified to perform salon-type services such as skin care evaluations, simple facials, and very low risk procedures. But beware of the place that advertises ‘doctor-owned’ then allows non-medically trained staff to inject your face or perform laser peels. Also, be wary of places that tout experience over results. In this day of rapidly progressing technology, you may not want to choose a provider that has been doing skin procedures before Lasers and Juvederm were invented. Just because a business has been open 10, 15 or even 20 or more years does not mean that they have kept up on technology, new techniques or products. It also does not make the medical provider a Master in their field.

Although I think the above qualities are important when choosing a Medi-spa or skin care clinic,
I believe the most important thing is how you are cared for. Rejuvenation Clinic of Sauk Prairie is made up of a small, smart team. I believe our experience is just right. I have been taking care of people as a Physician Assistant for over 16 years. I continue my medical education with 100 hours of clinical study every 2 years as well as Board Re-Certification every 6 years. I have been performing cosmetic dermatology procedures since 2010 and have participated in hundreds of hours of aesthetic medicine preceptorships, trainings, conferences, site visits and webinars to name a few. Our Medical Director, Dr. Tony DeGiovanni, our registered nurse, Angie and our support staff, Ashley and Polly round out our exceptional, caring team. The following is just a small sample of patient comments from our recent 2 Year Anniversary survey and I could not be prouder:

“The staff is very professional and knowledgeable! I felt comfortable sharing intimate concerns with them”

“I would highly recommend Michelle and RCOSP. She and her staff are friendly, caring and knowledgeable. She is the best in her field and my skin has never looked better!”

“I am so thankful to have found your clinic. I feel like I am in SUCH good hands. I have told many of my friends about you!”

“I felt extremely comfortable and well taken care of during my laser treatments for melasma. The care and concern shown by both Michelle and Angie are outstanding.”

Rejuvenation Clinic will never be a clinic that accepts Groupon or Deal-of-the-Day. If you are getting an outrageously low price for these services, you have to wonder why? Maybe they are going out of business or purchasing unregulated Botox? Maybe they are getting rid of expired product? Maybe they are trying to talk you into surgical procedures, or their business plan is to push as many people through their doors as they can? This makes me think of quantity versus quality. How can they be taking very good care of each and every patient?

Rejuvenation Clinic will never become a large Medi-spa where multiple clinicians, employees and treatment rooms often lack a personal touch.Rejuvenation Clinic Team We may not answer the phone every time you call if we are caring for a patient in the next room, but you can rest assured that we will return your call as soon as possible. You will also receive that same attention and care during your appointment time. This is how my small smart team and I would hope to be treated as patients as well. If you read my first blog post “Michelle’s Journey” you already know that my own skin experience finally led me to find a kind and caring Nurse Practitioner who listened to ME. By listening and caring, she helped me uncover the reasons for my cystic acne and skin allergies which led us to discover the right treatments for my skin problems. I finally loved the skin I was in and I’m hoping that you will too!

Post by: Michelle A. Niesen, MS, PA-C
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