Why Choose Rejuvenation Clinic of Sauk Prairie for CoolSculpting

September 28, 2018

Have you always wanted to treat your tummy bulge but not willing to sign up for surgery? Have you been seeing ads for non-surgical body contouring popping up all over the place? How do you choose the right clinic and right treatment with so many options now?

CoolSculpting has been around for over 10 years and has become the leading alternative to liposuction. At Rejuvenation Clinic alone, we’ve performed over 1500 treatments and continue to be amazed at the results. We’ve also been impressed with the amount of research and development that’s transpired over the course of 10 years and only see the technology as getting better.

CoolSculpting has developed a top-notch, hands-on training university which stands out in the industry to create advanced body-contouring clinicians. From the advancement of new applicators, new areas to treat, FDA-approval of colder treatment temperatures allowing for shorter appointments and much more, CoolSculpting has shown itself to be a leader in non-surgical body contouring.

With most other devices on the market, non-surgical fat reduction is attempted through heat. Devices using radiofrequency, infrared and laser technology are numerous, with much less clinical trials and years of experience, making the whole industry a complicated and confusing mess of information.

Also, in our experience, results can be very inconsistent, working well on a few people, okay on a large set of people and not working (at all) on many people.  Another caveat is oftentimes, heat modalities only shrink fat cells rather than cause fat cell death as in CoolSculpting. Shrunken fat cells return with even a small amount of weight gain whereas removed fat cells do not. Heat-based fat reduction would not be a long-term solution.

*Results Vary by Individual

Our strongest advice is to go with the treatment that has long-term, proven research and results rather than the “fad of the week”. Choosing CoolSculpting at Rejuvenation Clinic of Sauk Prairie will provide you with the best chance of success. You’ll be fitting into your skinny jeans in no time!

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