Sagging Skin


sagging neck

Sagging skin on the face, neck (jowels) and other body parts such as the arms, knees, and abdomen are a common problem as we age. Imagine the skin being similar to a spring or Slinky which stretches longer and becomes more lax over time. Certain factors can cause even more sagging such as smoking, sun damage, pregnancy, illness and weight loss. In the past, the only way we could “tighten” skin was through invasive surgical procedures such as a face-lift or tummy tuck. Now with advanced laser/light technology it is possible to gradually tighten the skin on any area of the body with pain-free, non-invasive treatments.

SkinTyte and Ultherapy® are two treatment modalities offered at Rejuvenation Clinic that utilize targeted energy to deeply heat skin in a specific area. Most patients describe this treatment as feeling like a “hot stone massage”. Targeted deep-heating initiates the body’s natural healing process causing contraction of the collagen. It is common to need a series of SkinTyte or Ultherapy® treatments depending on your age, area of treatment and overall skin health. Skin tightening results are gradual with the full effect being seen typically by 6-9 months after treatment for most patients.