Sagging Eyebrows

When we’re young, we take the freshness of our faces for granted. As we get older, however, gravity and time can take over. This process can even cause our facial features to sag and droop slightly— a condition called ptosis.

Because eyes are the first feature we notice in faces, and they convey your energy and expressions, the eyelids and eyebrows are one of the most frustrating places age-related drooping can occur. 

While the causes of brow ptosis can range from genetics to facial trauma to natural aging, you have nonsurgical options if you want to address drooping and sagging eyebrows – these include:


Ultherapy is a newer option that we are excited to be offering! If you’re looking for a nonsurgical drooping eyebrow treatment, consider an Ultherapy brow lift. Using ultrasound energy to heat skin tissue at specific depths, this FDA-approved method leaves the surface of your skin untouched while stimulating collagen growth, repair and regeneration in underlying skin layers – lifting sagging eyebrows

The treatment helps rejuvenate your skin for a healthier appearance, including a lift of your brows.  For most patients, the results can take two to three months to fully develop, and final results can last for up to six months after the procedure.


As a prescription medication that improves the appearance of sagging, drooping or loose, wrinkly skin in specific, targeted areas of the face, Botox is a common option for helping to reduce sagging eyebrows problems. The treatment is applied through a small series of injections over about 10 minutes, during which certain muscle areas are targeted to reduce contractions and ease the effects of sagging or looseness. Not only will the skin around your eyebrows become less droopy, but it often will also appear fuller, smoother and more natural and relaxed for most patients.

The procedure involves minimal pain and downtime for most patients and results generally appear in two days to two weeks. Depending on the type of treatment, Botox results last three to six months for most patients.

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