Lines and Wrinkles on the Chest Area

Sun damage on the chest can reveal itself in unflattering lines and wrinkles, which can be more than most creams and lotions can help to reverse. Don’t worry — you’re not alone, and you have options. At the Rejuvenation Clinic of Sauk Prairie, we offer a variety of decolletage treatments to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles specifically on the chest and lower neck areas.


As an FDA-approved procedure for removing wrinkles, filling out sagging skin and promoting regeneration, Ultherapy is a newer option for treating chest wrinkles, neck lines, and sun spots. Using ultrasound energy, this treatment bypasses your surface layer of skin, targeting specific underlayers in the right places and at the right temperature to encourage tightening of tissue, lifting of skin and stimulation of collagen.

In the weeks following your Ultherapy procedure, most patients see a gradual improvement as the skin rejuvenates itself, and most patients find that their skin is more supple which helps minimize the appearance of lines or wrinkles.

Laser Treatment

Another non surgical chest wrinkle treatment, SkinTyte is a laser procedure that uses infrared energy in pulsing light to heat deep layers of collagen, stimulate renewed growth and initiate natural healing. For most patients, they find a significant reduction in lines and wrinkles on their decolletage following this treatment.


As a series of topical injections targeted toward specific muscle groups, Botox treatments decrease muscle contractions in localized areas and work to help fill out, smooth and firm skin for a more healthy, natural, and relaxed appearance. For most patients, the downtime is short, and results usually begin to appear in two to three days, reaching their full potential after about two weeks and lasting three to six months.

Dermal Fillers

Because chest wrinkles caused by sun damage and aging can be accompanied by skin less plump and youthful than it used to be, dermal fillers like Juvederm and Artefill can help most patients smooth lines and fill out skin in volume-depleted areas. 

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