sclerotherapy treatment in madison, wi

Do you find yourself embarrassed to show off your legs or go out in public in a swimsuit? Are you wearing pants in the summer to keep your legs covered? You may be a candidate for sclerotherapy!

Spider veins are thin, red blood vessels appearing alone or in a web-like pattern that can appear on the legs, feet, chest, or face. While they are generally harmless, veins on the legs may cause an ache or burning sensation after long periods of standing or sitting. Risk factors for spider veins may include genetics, pregnancy, obesity, hormones, sun exposure, jobs that require hours of prolonged standing and advancing age.

Unsightly spider veins can cause significant self-esteem issues leading to public avoidance and fewer clothing choices. Unfortunately, there are not many options to improve their appearance or get rid of them without clinical intervention. Sclerotherapy is an excellent choice for spider vein removal which can be very effective with minimal downtime or pain.

How It Works

Sclerotherapy is a procedure where the clinician injects the veins with a concentrated salt-water solution. The solution collapses the vessel and the body slowly absorbs the clotted blood causing the blood flow to re-route through healthier veins.

During Treatment

There are no pre-treatment guidelines to follow, however, many people find that dressing comfortably and wearing loose pants or shorts to be helpful the day of treatment.
Your skin will be cleansed and sterilized with alcohol. The clinician will use a very fine needle and a special polarized headlamp to see the vessel more clearly. The salt-water solution will be injected slowly which may cause some mild stinging lasting only a few seconds. Depending on the size of the area, the procedure usually lasts around 15 to 30 minutes but could take up to 1 hour if multiple vessels are treated.

After Treatment

Most patients notice the veins may look redder or darker and can have some slight swelling surrounding them following treatment. Your legs will be wrapped snugly with an Ace Bandage or Coban dressing for compression. Your clinician will give you post-care instructions and you may need to wear compression stockings for a few weeks. The majority of cases require a series of sclerotherapy treatments for best results which are scheduled 4-8 weeks apart. There will be an appearance of bruising or discoloration in the treated areas for several weeks with fading in 3-6 months* in most cases, however, they may not disappear completely. Occasionally, certain veins may need more treatments and new spider veins can develop in the same or different areas that could warrant additional treatments or maintenance.

If you are interested in learning more about Sclerotherapy for spider veins, please schedule a complimentary consultation at Rejuvenation Clinic!

*Results vary by Individual.