Nail Fungus

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Besides dealing with the embarrassing eyesore of yellow and brittle nails, people with finger and toenail fungal infections risk spreading fungus to others. They also risk the infection causing health problems including immune system dysfunction. Laser treatment of nail fungus is able to destroy fungal infection at the nail bed.

Prescription antifungal medications are systemic treatments that get rid of fungi throughout the body but can also have several side effects. Antifungal pills can be hard on the kidneys and liver requiring blood tests to ensure safety, need months of treatment and be quite expensive. Over the counter and topical treatments tend to offer very poor results and most people give up with their treatment after several weeks or months of no improvement.

Laser treatment minimizes these unwanted effects on the body and causes very little pain. Many people notice that the nail feels warm or occasionally hot during the treatment but this often goes away immediately. Most patients experience minimal pain, redness or other side effects after the treatment is performed. The procedure takes about 15-20 minutes and the clinician will treat all ten nails (fingers or toes) as fungal infections are often present in nails that look normal but are sitting next to infected nails.

Most patients will start to see nail improvement within 3 months* and you may need a 2nd treatment at this time. Each person must wait for the old, damaged nails to grow out before complete improvement. Normal nail growth usually takes 9-12 months*.

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*Results vary by Individual.