COVID-19 Clinic Update

March 18, 2020
Dear Patients,
It’s with significant deliberation and vigilance of the pandemic situation that we’re making the decision to close the clinic. We feel our social responsibility as well as the health and safety of our patients, staff and families have led us to this difficult decision. The closure will be effective immediately with a re-opening date to be determined based on public health recommendations.
We know this may be frustrating but due to the elective nature of our treatments, we feel it’s our duty to adhere to social distancing and non-essential community undertakings. We’re hopeful that our medical community and health care workers will not be overwhelmed and are avoiding using resources (masks, gloves, sani-wipes) that need to be saved for their important work.
At this time, if you are already scheduled for an appointment this week, Donna will be getting in contact with you. If you have urgent questions or concerns, please know we’re screening the phone to make sure we’re available to you if needed. Also, we’re taking this precious time to deeply clean/sanitize the clinic as well as perform other behind-the-scenes tasks.
We appreciate every one of you and look forward to your continued “rejuvenation” once this crisis is over.
Take good care of yourselves and each other,