Treatment Options

Non-Surgical Skin Treatments

Skincare clinics or Medi-spas go far beyond what salons and spas can offer. Facials, massages and steam therapy may feel relaxing or indulgent but typically don’t provide visible or long-lasting results. At Rejuvenation Clinic of Sauk Prairie, we provide medical aesthetic treatments that are minimally-invasive yet produce impressive results, making skin healthy, bright and rejuvenated.

Our atmosphere has led us to become one of the premier skin care clinics in Wisconsin and is what we privately refer to as our “Secret Sauce”.

  • We treat people as we would want to be treated by putting ourselves in your shoes…in fact, we’ve all enjoyed staff treatments to experience the rejuvenation process!
  • We see our patients as friends and genuinely care about your experience, life events, family, etc.
  • We strongly value the feelings generated from our patients…confidence, self-worth, vitality, youthfulness.
  • People trust in us…we earn their trust and we work hard to keep it.

We’re also different than the large group Medi-spas in that our team as well as space is small, intimate and confidential. We have very little turn-over so you’ll consistently see the same clinicians who know your skin the best. Our culture supports individual, personalized treatments to help you get the results you want.

What Are Surgical Treatments and Why Don’t We Perform Them?

Surgical treatments or Plastic Surgery is more invasive and not performed at Rejuvenation Clinic of Sauk Prairie. Surgery can have both pros and cons and is something that shouldn’t be decided on quickly. Particularly for people that have underlying medical conditions, the risks may outweigh the benefits. Most surgeries are performed under general anesthesia, require a significant amount of down time and can be quite costly. However, if your skin concerns and goals aren’t a good fit for non-surgical solutions, we graciously recommend a surgery consultation and love to refer to our area plastic surgeons for more difficult problems.

We Offer Many Non-Surgical Skin Treatments

At the clinic, we utilize a variety of devices such as Ulthera and Sciton laser to produce beautiful yet natural results. We pride ourselves in keeping up with the changing and advancing technologies and upgrading our devices whenever new developments arise. Sagging skin, wrinkles, sun damage, Rosacea and many other skin conditions are expertly treated. Other treatments include injectables to help diminish the appearance and progression of aging with products such as Botox and dermal fillers. CoolSculpting, HydraFacial, aesthetician services and medical grade skincare products complete the offerings at Rejuvenation Clinic and we find the most successful rejuvenation happens when we use a combination of therapies to achieve your goals.

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