Clinic Update – 4/17/2020 “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”

April 20, 2020
Dear Friends,
The good news is due to the solidarity and sacrifice of so many, we’ve flattened the curve.
The bad news is to not suffer serious setbacks, to support our amazing hospitals and healthcare providers and to protect the vulnerable, we must continue strict “Safer at Home” guidelines longer than anticipated . Many small businesses are considered non-essential and are required to keep their doors shut during this crisis. Until public health experts are able to confidently institute safe guidelines, much of the country will remain closed…including Rejuvenation Clinic.
The ugly news is that many people are feeling frustrated, anxious and understandably, angry. We’ll have 250+ appointments to reschedule if the restrictions are indeed lifted on May 26th. Like us, you’re probably feeling a great need for skin, hair, nails and body treatments. One patient even said she’d be first in line with her nose squished against the door waiting on the day we re-open!
The (kind of) good news is on Friday, April 24th, we’ll be allowed to retail our products for pick-up, delivery or mail. From now until then, please feel free to call or email Donna with any of your refill needs and we’ll have a plan of safe distribution starting on the 24th. Also keep your eye out for upcoming product specials and personal skin care kits designed for your skin type and concerns. (Ex. Brightening Kit for dull and dingy skin, Hydrating Kit for dry, dehydrated skin)
Our dear patients have been so…patient! We can’t thank you enough for your support and encouragement during this time. We miss you all and will continue to keep you updated. Spring is coming and with it will be hope, strength, survival and renewal. We’re sending you all positive thoughts of rejuvenation. 
Take care,