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Michelle’s Favorite Summertime Skincare Products

July 8, 2015

I often say that I’m not a product junkie but as I was making an inventory in my head of all the creams, serums and makeup in my bathroom drawers, I realized this wasn’t true. What gal doesn’t love bottles and potions lining their vanity counter? I do have some products that are on my […]

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Skin Rejuvenation 101: How to Maintain and Reverse Skin Aging

November 24, 2014

How many of you remember using baby oil in the summer to lay out and get a dark tan? Or pushing away the Coppertone-SPF 4 because you wouldn’t get any color? How about going to the pool, lake or playing in your backyard every day during the summer without a drop of sunscreen on? If you’re in your late 30’s or older, you most likely answered yes to one (or all) of these questions. Is it too late for us to reverse the sun damage that we incurred with our haphazard…

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The Small Smart Team is Here For YOU!

March 21, 2014

It seems that every month there is a new laser or skin center popping up. On the west side of Madison I know of at least 9 “Medi-spas” within a 10 mile radius of each other. It’s clear that these types of businesses are popular, but why? Some reasons may be that the treatments are […]

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