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May 15, 2014


For several years, both in my family practice and aesthetic dermatology encounters, I have senior mother and adult daughterobserved many women concerned with different cosmetic issues. Complaints such as unwanted hair growth, skin tags, brown age spots and spider veins are common examples. Although I am pleased to say there are numerous technologies and treatments to address these problems, I often find women are very hesitant to pursue them. Worries about cost, downtime and others’ thinking this is due to “vanity” are high on the list of reasons women would not seek treatment.

Women in their 20’s-30’s are often times raising young children and lack time to even take a shower much less have a cosmetic treatment. While we wouldn’t
want to trade it for the world – diapers, daycare and baby gear also make a large impact on the family budget, financially limiting our opportunity to treat ourselves. In our 30’s-40’s, women generally have older children that are often involved in sports, play practice, dance class and many other activities. Any spare time fills up with trivial chores such as work, laundry, grocery shopping, and volunteer work to name a few. All these activities wreak havoc on our budget and continue to limit our ‘ME’ time. Finally, in my experience, women in their 50’s-60’s appear to have a bit more time to allot for themselves or at least more flexibility in their schedule. However, many baby boomers tell me that they are busier now than when they were working full-time. Unfortunately, our finances can still run tight when helping children with college, planning weddings or saving for retirement.

mom n meThese observations are not meant to create frustration and hopelessness among mom’s and women everywhere but serves as a reminder that we are always going to be engaged and attentive to others’ needs while often putting ours last, no matter what age. Women are lifelong caretakers who feel guilty when they spend money, time or energy focusing on themselves. My biggest advice is to allow yourself some guilty pleasures.

For me it was taking a Pilates class twice a week when my daughters were young. Even though my time was limited, finances were tight and I felt guilty being away from my children, this one activity was for me alone. It was a place that I could breathe, exercise, and renew my sense of self. My family encouraged me to continue classes because I was more relaxed and a much better mom/wife when I returned home. I also found that other women who treated themselves with things such as a special exercise class, monthly massage, manicure, or facial treatment had similar feelings as me.

Here are some quotes I’ve heard from women at Rejuvenation Clinic who embrace their ‘ME’ time and I couldn’t be prouder of them.

  • “If Mom ain’t happy, nobody’s happy”
  • “Happy wife equals happy life”
  • “I’ve taken care of everyone else, now it’s time to take care of me!”


And lastly, I wanted to share some quotes that have always inspired me.

  • “SOMEday is not a day of the week” -Denise Brenna-Nelson
  • “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” -Lao Tzu
  • “A year from now you may wish you had started today” -Karen Lamb

Post by: Michelle A. Niesen, MS, PA-C
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